Obama Hand to Ear

In my opinion, the president’s action on immigration is egregious and shows a huge lack of faith in the legislative process. By the same token, I would warn Republicans not to overreact. Their response is overblown, verging on the comical. In a sense, the Republican base should breathe a sigh of relief. There’s no path to citizenship. There’s not even anything permanent in what the president has done. Above all, I would warn Republicans not to get sucked down the rabbit hole of dysfunction by letting the president set the agenda. I was just listening to him speak in Las Vegas. Apparently, he is prepared to waste two more years of the country’s time pursuing an immigration bill. I take McConnell and Boehner at their word: this executive maneuver has made action on immigration in Congress impossible. How much clearer can Boehner be on the subject? “The president has deliberately sabotaged any chance for bipartisan immigration reform.” Maybe it wasn’t going to happen anyway (particularly if the Democrats were going to insist on a path to citizenship), but there’s no question about it now: immigration is dead for the foreseeable future. Does the president really intend to waste more of our time chasing that particular wild goose? If so, it shows the utmost contempt for the country. In Vegas, Obama gave people the impression that something on immigration could still pass Congress next year. To give people false hope like that is cruel. I’d ask Majority Leader McConnell not to take another turn deeper into dysfunction. By the way, once he finds his voice on the issue, Jeb Bush might turn out to be very good on immigration. I don’t buy the proposition that Republicans have to get the issue out of the way by passing legislation right now. In fact, I believe doing so would fracture the party going into the next election.

Dear Mr. President: Didn’t you see what a good sign they sent after the election? Did you really have so little faith? You have completely undermined Boehner and McConnell. Don’t make it worse by rubbing salt in the wound. Don’t make things harder for yourself or for the country. That’s exactly what you did today in Vegas. You have taken things in the wrong direction. Correct yourself.


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