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Just some notes I jotted down about his performance:

– Jeb said, “I’m not an expert on the ways of Washington.” It may very well be true, but I think the comment might have struck a false note for some people. He probably wants to distance himself from Washington, but his family has been so much a part of it that the claim is hard to swallow. How can he not know the ways of Washington? And shouldn’t he know them if he wants to navigate those waters?

– He reminded me a lot of 43 this time, especially at the beginning. Certain mannerisms and so forth. I think there’s some truth, maybe even a lot of truth, to the claim that people might not be ready for another Bush just now. At the same time, by the end of the talk I forgot all about that; he really did become his own man. 2016 will likely be tough for Republicans. Among other things, a lot of people want it to be the year of the first female president. Hard to match the thrill and excitement of that. There’s also the two-for-one of getting both Hillary and Bill. But it’s hard to know how well she’ll campaign and so forth. So many moving parts, so many unknown factors that can affect the outcome, it’s either one’s to win.

-“privatized jobs and ended affirmative action.” The Democrats will go after both of these, but I thought he had a great follow-up to the latter.

-I thought he did pretty well at CPAC, all in all. Much better than the liberal press let on. I wouldn’t say the crowd was hostile. They were split. He seemed to have supporters there.

By the way, my Twitter account has been at least temporarily suspended. I expect it was because I posted the picture of that girl gesturing at Arlington National Cemetery. The picture struck me viscerally, and I posted it on the spot as something of interest. I sincerely apologize if it offended.




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