I find Democrats utterly uninspiring on climate change. There’s room for Republicans to speak about the issue in new ways. Paul Bogard’s The End of Night is an easy-to-read book with some practical suggestions that will help rectify some bad habits with regard to how we use and think about artificial light. It explores the problem from an angle that really resonates with me: the ever-widening loss of night sky around the world as a consequence of light pollution. Preserving — and eventually restoring — one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity should be one of our long-term planetary goals as a species.

After reading this book last year, I was disappointed to see how the community I live in replaced its lampposts with ones that not only lack motion sensors but produce an extraordinary amount of glare. They also give out that horrible cold white light that is the bane of nights today. No doubt my neighborhood thinks it’s planning for the future with these energy-saving bulbs, but the quality of the light they emit can be improved while still saving energy.


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